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Water: The Truth behind biological hydration, pH, and water physics

...In case any of you would like to pass this along to anyone, or study it more for yourself. I use a structuring shower unit, BionaidTM, pH boost kit, and even 'precious prills.' I tend to go a little far, then pull back... but I've tried all this stuff out... feel free to ask me whatever or send friends to me that have questions... ----------

I love water! Here is some research I found over the past 1.5 years on water and its behaviors. Much of it is a result from research by Dan Nelson. Some of it is technical, however, it is quite simple and not calculus-level talk only.

According to the research found:

  • Apparently water forms in self-cleaning fractal patterns when highly energized! Fractal means never-ending self-similarity, and can scale as big or small as required. Pretty cool!
  • By raising the "bonding" angle (109+ degrees or so) of the hydrogen bonds to the oxygen itself in the group of water molecules, it then renders a smaller bucky-ball-like geometric sphere of clustered water molecules. Thus making it smaller in size. The higher the energy, the smaller the water "structure" or "cluster" size. If you get the geometrically spherical cluster to below .5 micron, as Dan Nelson has, it can get through to your cell through the aquaporin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aquaporin) much quicker, and hydrate the cell (Thus, YOU) MUCH more efficiently and quicker. MANY MANY times faster! Yes, it is possible to be hydrated "too" quickly, as it depends on your toxin levels. You would need to work your way slowly into hydration if you are a very toxic body, mentally, emotionally, and physically.
  • The way to loose energy in water: microwaving or piping water. Our cities loose water energy by piping it. Also, microwaving water will destroy its ability to transfer the vibrational analog signal (vibration memory) of body-required elements to the cells. Therefore less to no nutritional values in food, when microwaved.
  • This particular water contains a structural pH level of 9+, which is alkaline and healthy for the human body nutrition. Structural pH must be measured using a meter, not pH strips. Strips measure the chemical pH, which he explains is different than structural pH.
  • One can "store" the vibrational "mathematical analog signature" of elements on the periodic table into the highly-energized water. He stores hundreds of human-body required elements and in the correct isotopes the body wants. Therefore you have no elements in the toxic/metallic form in your body, BUT with the nutritional value in the water, to provide your cells with the energy of the element, rather than the metallic version of the element. He speaks of this as a NUTRITIONAL value. **He does not say "no metallic elements are required in the body"... that is important to note, because they are needed by our bodies, as we already know.**

Ancient Hebrew word MEMORY split into two parts:

In the google video below, an audience member mentions:

Egyptian word for Brain = AIS
Egyptian word for Consciousness = SIA

*My note: Tie this into what David Wilcock speaks of about "special" structured water in our pineal gland in his The 2012 Enigma documentary (google link to this video). Is this related to when water "flips inside out" to go from memory field (not in brain) to the brain (the antenna to our energy field?) and related to possibly why the pineal gland contains highly-structured water?? I feel this is onto something huge that the Egyptians understood on a conllective level more than Americans do right now. Exciting? Heck ya!

Google videos (volume low on these, you will need to turn up volume):

"The Water" ~ Applied Hyper-Physics Theory ~ Clip 1

"The Water" ~ Applied Hyper-Physics Theory ~ Clip 2

"The Water" ~ Applied Hyper-Physics Theory ~ Clip 3

"The Water" ~ Applied Hyper-Physics Theory ~ Clip 4

"The Water" ~ Hyper-Physics Theory 101 ~ Part 1

This is a long segment of a more recent 3-day seminar featuring the amazing, candid, no-nonsense physics pioneer, Dan Nelson, held in ... all » November 2006 before a small audience of doctors, therapists, college students and researchers about Hyper-Physics Theory and a legendary product called "The Water". In this long segment, you will not only hear about "The Water" co-created by Dan Nelson and his Hyper-Physics Team, the most hydrating, intelligent water on Earth, and Dan Nelson's Hyper-Physics Theory, which is a quantum leap beyond String Theory, you will hear more about how elements like gold, platinum, palladium and other elements are "grown" in water by frequencies and encoded fractal patterns with a unique Geometric Photon Laser invented by Dan Nelson, you will learn about the "proto-mineral" discovered by Dan Nelson, who is also the first man to discover the first sample of Technicium on Earth, and how life itself divinely manifests in water.

In the seminar, other topics like the modern development of physics over the last century and the physicists involved, Dr. Emoto's work with water, how information is stored in the holographic mind field (encapsulating the human body) and not the physical brain, cracking the myths of "sacred geometry", how math and written language is expressed in geometry, and the secrets of the photon, gravity, time, entropy and "zero-point energy". This video is only an introductory fraction of the entire 3-day seminar, and you may obtain further information about obtaining the rest of the seminar on DVD from Elder Hale at rangeguide.net. The rest of the seminar includes applications of Hyper-Physics Theory for research and development, the latest developments in the new solid-state Bio-Disk System, and detailed testing methods for further research in Hyper-Physics Theory that includes Chakra activation tests, tests for energy blockages, and much, much more information that you will not find anywhere else.

The claims made about specific products have not been "evaluated by the FDA and are not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.” This information is for educational purposes and research only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional.

Dan Nelson 3-hour video (.MP4 format, 1 GB)
An additional 3 hour video on water & the bio-disc, chakra energy centers, the human aura, geometry within it, & more.



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"The Water" is now called Bionaid with Silver vibration inside this water among much more.

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