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BIONAID ~ solution for Heart plaque, dehydration, disease, viruses, an Immune System boost solution, +more!

I am a user/consumer of Bionaid since early 2009 and will tell you this stuff is GREAT! I am a healthy person, never get sick, and have super-high energy without the need for caffeine or artificial substances! I enjoy my coffee, sure, but this is a different energy feeling. Bionaid is *real* feeling and long-lasting. It is my body's natural energy coming through, because it detoxes naturally, opening my body up to heal itself quickly. The hydration factor allows the self-healing to occur much quicker than any other product I have researched.


What makes BIONAID™ the most advanced immune support supplement in the world?

All studies and tests verify Bion Plus's efficacy. BIONAID™ is the world's only Uniform Picoscalar Concentrated Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol™ (UPCOSH™). The reason for noting silver in the branding is that silver is used in the NASA technology ultra-purification of the water base in the product. The key factor is the covalent-bonding of enormous amounts of trioxide to the trace minerals (including trace silver) in our advanced reactor system, combined with super-hydrating, fractal-encoded water and other proprietary technology that sets BIONAID™ apart form all other immune support products as the leader. Some try to copy us, use similar terms, etc., but only BIONAID™ is the most advanced hydrosol in the world. Our outstanding $1,000,000.00 reward was never challenged by vaccine and drug proponents either. Get the best, BIONAID™!

BIONAID™ provides Natural Immunization without vaccine toxicity using NASA technology being used on the International Space Station (ISS)
BIONAID™'s ingredients are superior to any other covalent hydrosol or silver solution, and all other manufacturers refuse our challenge to prove there products are more effective than BIONAID™
BIONAID™'s bionic particle has been tested and proven in clinics and labs for almost two decades
BIONAID™ has been selected as the #1 supplement in Ghana by health authorities endeavoring to rid their country of the most deadly illnesses in Africa
BIONAID™ is safe for mothers and babies, and all animals as well
BIONAID™ is potent enough for professional use and used in clinics
BIONAID™ cannot turn the skin blue or cause Argyria
BIONAID™ can easily pass through a membrane or cell wall
BIONAID™ cannot be combined with any other substance to form a compound
BIONAID™ can be atomically absorbed into matter
BIONAID™ observed to penetrate pathogen cell walls to attack multiple sites within the cell
BIONAID™ seen to inactivate critical internal physiological functions of the pathogen
BIONAID™ effectively employs redox chemistry to steal electrons from the bonds holding the target pathogen molecule together
BIONAID™ observed to bond to the pathogen to change the base molecular structure of the pathogen-critical macromolecules, rendering them unusable to the pathogen
BIONAID™ introduces trioxide into the mutated cell microenvironment which quickly changes the pH from mutation enabling acidic to pathogen hostile alkaline
Microbials have little opportunity to mutate or become resistance with BIONAID™
BIONAID™ appears to augment the immune cell’s Oxidative Burst defense without causing collateral damage to healthy cells, including bacteria and nematodes
BIONAID™ is beyond a "colloidal silver hydrosol" that is run through a centrifuge to make it a simple Uniform Picoscalar Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol
BIONAID™ has such a small bionic silver particle, one atom of silver with three atoms of oxygen atoms attached, that an electron microscope cannot see it
BIONAID™ contains the world's best water that hydrates faster than any water tested
BIONAID™ is used by race-horse owners to give them the racing edge
BIONAID™ is not an "oxygenated" or ionic solution - An atomically created TRIOXIDE particle
BIONAID™ is clear and not photosensitive like colloidal silver and oxygen does the real work more than silver
BIONAID™ particles have a covalent trioxide bond to many trace elements, including silver
BIONAID™ cannot be precipitated by any means and is unaffected by medical grade containers or glass
BIONAID™ unlike other hydrosols in distilled water, will not turn acidic when exposed to the air
BIONAID™ is a complementary supplement that shows great promise with all conventional supplement regimens
BIONAID™ is universally effective and non-toxic to the entire body

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niteowl said...

I was interested in trying a bottle of this stuff and went to their website but could not find any order form for this stuff anywhere on the site..