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Magnetic Water Treatment IMPLODER - Fractal Field / Breakthru-Technologies [Dan Winter]

Magnetic Water Treatment

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Implosive Fluid Treatment Device
It feeds water or any luid into a phase conjugate magnetic array, using a piezoelectric directional nozzle, creating implosive ‘black hole’ lux lines. The custom implosive magnet core gaps converge in a potent centripetal cone, the result being the known principal and completion of implosive magneto- electric lux hydrodynamic low – creating mono-molecule stability. This has never been achieved before.
The drastically reduced molecular cluster size solubility produces from our validated testing
  • The ‘absorption eficiency effect’ has produced measurements of up to 300% growth increase
    using our magnetic treated water
  • Insurance Department - Task Force for Producer Licensing Reform
  • Agricultural implications for commercialization are profound.
  • Polluted water is passed through breakthrough magnetic treatment and immediate sedimentation occurs, effectively separating and removing pollutants and making water potable.
  • Dramatic increase in sedimentation rates, increasing industrial eficiencies which saves energy.
  • Can be used for major bottlenecks in technology e.g. to convert gas and oil from Tar Sands which at present is uneconomic but with our technology can become highly economic,
  • Governments would not be able to use GM foods or excess chemicals if we prove to them we have better cost effective technology for increasing agricultural yields, including for third world communities.
  • We fully expect to re-invent water treatment for sewage, saving billions for local governments and third world communities.
Domestic Use
  • Since the size of the appliance can be just a tube about 15-20 inches long with a vortex input, and the mechanism is as simple as plumbing into any normal home low rate, the application for home devices – is simple and economic. Revitalized home water can be achieved quickly and easily.


Phase Conjugator - Hi flux - Implosion Magnetic Array

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Unknown said...

wheir can I get one for my home use.I'm very interested in the use of Ormus.

BJ White said...

Dan Winter's IMPLODER is available through Dan's website as a sort-of BETA @ goldenmean.info/imploder. However, there is a similar technology that is proving VERY similar results for much cheaper, and it fits on your shower, kitchen sink, house water line, pool line, commercial line, etc @ www.fractal-life.com/products

BJ White said...

Actually, that URL is temporarily down: it is at: http://www.fractallifesolutions.com/products/ (Natures Hydration, Ultimate Balanced Water, click SEE MORE for their full website)

Anonymous said...

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BJ White said...

Really? Gotta put "Buy viagra" link on the blog comment? lol. Nice.

jankojanicek said...

Is the Dan Winter's IMPLODER same as Clayton Nolte's The Photonic Water Units?

BJ White said...

Hi Jankojanicek! No, they are totally different materials and techniques used to vortex and structure the water. Complete comparisons between the 2 would be great to do, but I have not the equipment to do so. I distribute Clayton's water units. So far, I do not do the Imploder, but may soon. Imploder uses magnetic phase conjugating. Clayton's uses physical spheres that the water spins itself around to structure itself. Both yield more plant growth, higher GDV energy in kirlian measurements, and structuring effects (hydration, detox, and immune boosting)...

ICPL Initiative Chemicals Pvt. Ltd said...
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BJ White said...

Chemical treatment does not even compare to what the IMPLODER and PHOTONIC water devices do!

Harry said...
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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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