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New Bion+ Bionaid™ Professional & Bioavailablility test

The bioactive crystallization test on 6PPM Bion lot BT777 compared to the best selling silver hydrosol on the market 10PPM Sovereign Silver lot BX14.

It does not matter what PPM a product is if it is not bioactive. We have tested the lot in question and found that even at 6PPM it is more bioactive than even the best selling products on the market at 10PPM.

If a particle of silver is bioactive it will crystallize when it comes into contact with certain minerals such as sodium. A lab will only tell you what the PPM is and will not show you its bioavailability i.e. the ability of the particle to interact with pathogens or in the case of our test other minerals.

Below is a bioavailability comparison of 10PPM Sovereign Silver (Left) and 6PPM Bion Trioxysilver (Right).
A sovereign silver box was used to hold each pen light flashlight so the height of entry was exact.

Notice how even at 6PPM Trioxysilver has complete crystallization throughout the product when a sodium catalyst is added.
The bottle practically lights up compared to the 10PPM Sovereign Silver.

This picture shows an additional bottle with just water and reagent.
Water with zero bioavailble particles will remain clear when a reagent such as sodium is added.
Sovereign Silver 10PPM on left. Bion Trioxysiler 6PPM on right. Picture of your Lot Number tested center.

Picture of Sovereign Silver Lot BX14 tested at 10PPM.

We have been in the business long enough to know the difference between 6PPM 3PPM and 1 PPM.

Do it Yourself:
  • You can take one bottle of Trioxysilver and place a pinch of salt in it. Shake it for 60 seconds and then let it sit for two minutes.
  • In a dark to low lit area, place a pin light flash light (one that can focus) up against the side of the bottle.
  • Then take a photograph. If the product is 1PPM or lower, a haze may be slightly perceptible but there will be no strong visible light beam as can be seen in our sample tests of this Lot.
  • After finished, empty the bottle and wash it out completely and rinse several times. Place another pinch of salt in the bottle and fill it with filtered water.
  • Then shake for 60 seconds and let sit for two minutes and take a photograph of this as well. This photo will be the bench mark of zero PPM.

Every lot is checked for PPM and bioavailability before it is bottled. We stand by our belief that Bion Trioxysilver 6PPM is more bioactive than ANY major brand of silver hydrosol or colloidal silver on the market.


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Joy said...

Would you have some documentation or links for this product? I suffer from a liver disease that i had heard this may help. I'm not assuming this will be a cure, but i do use alternative medicine for quite a few health issues, and it's been very effective - more so than pharmaceuticals. Thanks so much.